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Harry Harvey Merlin

PuppiesHi my name is Kath Smith, I would like to welcome you to our ‘Lambrini Great Danes’ website. I live on the North East coast of Scotland, in Montrose, with my husband Garry and our son Ryan.  My love for Danes began when I purchased my first pet Great Dane called Jake in 1993. At this time, because of his colouring (Boston), he couldn’t be shown. I decided this dog was too beautiful to be left at home so I started doing Obedience with him. He picked this up very quickly, and after easily reaching top of the class we soon moved on to agility, which was great fun!! Jake being an exhibitionist, loved the attention and was very eager to please. We loved spending time together however I felt he craved company of his own kind too. The search began and we set about looking for another Dane. 

This time we purchased a show marked Harlequin dog who we named ‘Hector’ after ‘Hector’s House’ as he was a ‘tired’ old sole!!! He was an 8 week old Harlequin dog, so cute that Jake and I fell in love with him almost immediately. He looked up to Jake, and also learnt a great deal from him in the first few months on how to become a GREAT Dane. They were soon to become the best of friends. At reaching six months old I entered Hector in his first puppy class where he was placed second and the show bug began……………!!

ClydeStill to this day, I feel, there is nothing more striking than a beautifully marked Harlequin with its perfect white background and torn black patches.  Also the temperament of the ‘Great Dane’ is something very special, they are ‘people dogs’ and love to be with you.  I remember once reading a book that inspired me in obedience written by Barbara Woodhouse.  It was aptly titled ‘Almost Human’ and now I understand why! You know you own a Great Dane, when you ask it to ‘sit’ and it backs up till it finds a chair!! 
They really are gentle giants and they certainly get ‘under your skin’, once you own one……… won’t be able to live without one!!  So readers beware!!!!!!


Lambrini Great Danes